Staedtler Ergosoft Colored Pencils

12-36 count pack

Wax core

Triangular barrel



Saturated Color

Extremely Comfortable to Use

Very Durable


Poor Blending

Lack of Color Options

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Staedtler Ergosoft Colored Pencils Review

These pencils are quite unique in that they are triangular-shaped and furthermore they come with an A.B.S. protective coating that reinforces the wax-based core.  Essentially they can go through a lot of wear and tear and still hold up.  Overall they lay down color quite well and show pretty good pigmentation.  They are still a bit lacking on color options, however, and are significantly more expensive than most other Staedtler offerings.  These are available in sets ranging from 12 to 36 pieces.

Visual Appeal – 3.5/5

The colors are very saturated and they flow quite smoothly over the paper.  The application is good and relatively deep colors can be put on the paper with minimal effort.  These are not water-soluble so blending will have to be through other methods but this is not a big deal as the blending is fun and rewarding and worth the added effort.  The big complaint with this set is the lack of color options.  For the price point, these are approaching we were hoping for a larger selection, with the maximum option only being 36 pencils.  Thankfully these blend well enough so that an understanding of color balance will allow an experienced artist achieve most other desired colors and shades.

Usability and durability – 5/5

This is where these really shine.  With the break-resistant 3mm lead, ergosoft ultra-soft non-slip grip, and reinforced protective coating, these are meant to last for a long time and feel comfortable while doing it.  The comfortable grip makes blending and other potentially laborious work fluid and worry-free and the unique shape helps to maintain user control.  This combination of tough features means that these are good for classroom settings where they might go through a lot of abuse.

Packaging and presentation – 4/5

As already mentioned, the pencils themselves come in a triangular shape and have an ergosoft grip to them, which really makes them stand out.  They are coated in their respected color and labeled with a white stamp.  They come in a patented Staedtler stand-up box that, while not as aesthetically pleasing as, say, a wooden box, does a good job of protecting the pencil and is also quite handy for moving around the various offerings.

Cost – 4/5

Despite these pencils technically not being part of Staedtler’s “premium” line, the price still creeps up there.  Expect to pay in the mid-range, which is significantly higher than what you’ll pay for their cheaper, standard line.  However, these pencils are meant to last and even beyond that, they produce much better color so the increase in cost is understandable.  And we assume that the inclusion of the unique grip is a bit part of what commands the higher asking price.

Overall ranking – 4/5

These unique pencils are a nice in-between segment for this company, and their price point and color represent that.  Where these really excel is in their comfort and long-lasting durability.  A good enough line for a passionate hobbyist or someone starting it, either way, they know that they will have a product that is going to last through many cycles of use, no matter how demanding they may be.

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