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Last Updated by Brandon F. on March 22, 2023

There always seems to be a birthday or the holidays around the corner, and coming up with unique gift ideas that are also affordable can sometimes be a challenge.  Gift cards are boring and don’t show a lot of thought, clothing and other fashion items can be tough because you have to have a really good read on the individual’s tastes and also know their size, and other general consumer products are often unneeded.  With this being said, why not consider a nice set of colored pencils?  It is an original idea and something that all people, no matter their age or interests, can enjoy.  In addition, it is something that they can come back to for years and continue to use and also further their own skills.

We have put together a few of our favorite colored pencils gift ideas.  These sets are of good quality and presentation, have a versatile color selection, and are also reasonably priced.  These are great for birthdays, Christmas presents, graduation gifts, Easter gifts, and everything in between.  Check back here as we will update this list from time to time.


faber-castell art grip aquarelle watercolor smallerFaber-Castell Art Grip Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils

These are a great gift for those that are interested in trying out some watercolor pencils.  They come in a very attractive presentation that is up to the expected Faber-Castell quality, while still being a good price and within most people’s budget.  They are relatively easy to pick up for watercolor pencils and even a beginner should have a rewarding experience learning with these.  In addition, they still check most of the boxes for the more experienced user.  Color variety is on point so even in the 60 pack set just about every color you would need is there.

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Prismacolor Softcore Colored Pencils

These are a superb pencil for a user of any age or experience.  Everything you need is here:  great color selection, great pencil response, decent presentation, and a good price.  There is a great range of set sizes so these could be viable for something small like a stocking stuffer at Christmas or to put in an Easter basket all the way up to the primary birthday gift if you decided to go with the enormous 150 count set.  They are durable enough that this is a gift that would keep on giving for a long time.

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Fantasia Artist Colored Pencils

We keep gushing over these, and for good reason.  For the presentation and performance you get with these, most would expect to pay twice their cost.  These can be had for well into the budget range on occasions, which is simply a fantastic deal.  They are user-friendly enough to be given to a novice but could even be a welcome gift to that picky artist in your life as well.

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Any colored pencil set could be considered a great gift, but these in particular really stand out to us.  We definitely recommend that you consider introducing someone to the wonderful world of art when brainstorming for your next birthday or Christmas purchase, and doing so via colored pencils is an excellent route.

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