Fantasia Artist Colored Pencils

12-36 count pack

Wax core

Hexagonal barrel

Budget to mid-priced


Good Color Intensity and Variation

Pretty Durable

Extremely Well-packaged

Good Price


 Could Use a Bit More Color Selection 

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Fantasia Artist Colored Pencils Review

These are the mainstream colored pencils offered by a relatively small Indonesian company named Fantasia.  Available in 12 to 36 pack sets, these are advertised as being a perfect combination of colors that also combines great blending and high color concentrations.  Overall, this description is pretty accurate and it is all presented in an attractive presentation and for a great price.  They have a “medium-hard” level wax hardness which gives them a nice combination of blending ability and feel as well as the necessary durability people come to expect.  They have a hexagonal outer wood shell.

Visual appeal – 4/5

For being a beginner-to-intermediate level pencil these have very good colors.  Intensity is on point, although it still won’t quite keep up with the super soft waxes.  That being said, they are still hard enough to promote good shading and being able to do detail work as well.  Furthermore, these colored pencils blend very well so, despite the largest color selection only being 36, any other desired hue can easily be achieved with some interesting mixing compositions.  It would still be nice to have a few larger set sizes, however.

Usability and durability – 4/5

The medium-hard wax core means that these will be relatively durable and somewhat easy to sharpen while still giving you the communication and “feel” you look for in softer pencils.  The application is overall smooth and consistent and as mentioned before different colors mix together quite well.  They are still hard enough to be sharpened to a point and keep their edge to take care of the intricate details you might come across.  The hexagonal exterior allows for good grip and control.

Packaging and presentation – 4.5/5

These are really well-packaged for the price and you honestly would not expect them to be in the price bracket they are looking from afar.  All choices come in an attractive (albeit a bit flimsy) case with lovely interior gold accents and labeling.  The pencils are color-coordinated and have an attractive blue exterior base.  It is a very nice piece.

Cost – 4/5

Prices for these pencils are budget to mid-priced which puts them a bit higher than the beginner and student level, but still well below the more premium lines.  For this, you get a great-performing pencil that is also packaged quite well.  For those looking to explore more with blending and higher-level methods but don’t want to open up the pocket book for one of the high-end lines, this is a great compromise.

Overall review – 4.5/5

There really aren’t any major complaints with this set.  A few more colors would have been nice, but this is only minor as any color is readily achievable with the great blending you have in front of you.  Color could also take a notch up, but often for thicker applications, you can give up durability and user-friendliness (since this is still being targeted for relative beginners as well).  And, of course, they are quite affordable and should be within most people’s budget.  We highly recommend these.

*It is worth noting that according to one of our readers there is a lot of overlap between Reeves and Fantasia colored pencils where the cores may be the same.  We are looking into this more and will provide an update when we can*

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