What are the Best Colored Pencil Holders?

Updated by Brandon F. on July 13, 2020

Many of us enjoy taking our colored pencils with us on trips, to school/work, and any other place that we might have the chance to work on a piece.  Compared to many other artistic mediums such as paints and pastels, colored pencils can be much more mobile and less messy, making them a great solution for artists on the go.  However, if you have tried transporting your large 72 or 120 piece set in its case you will quickly realize that there are still some challenges.

The original case, while attractive and a good protective barrier for your colored pencils, can be way too large and burdensome for most.  It will struggle to fit in any sort of purse or backpack, which means you are stuck carrying it around in your hands. 

To help combat this issue, several companies have created pencil holders to assist with this.  Before we go into greater detail of our top picks we have provided a convenient table the displays our choices and essential information.  If you want to read our more detailed review, scroll down past the table!

 ProductPrice (Amazon)# of SlotsDimensions
WooCrafts Canvas Pencil WrapWooCrafts Canvas Pencil Wrap$7219.6" x 15.7" x 0.2"
CreooGo Canvas Pencil WrapCreooGo Canvas Pencil Wrap$$487.9" x 4.8" x 1.4"
Miraclekoo Multi-Layer Pencil Case Pen Bag PouchMiraclekoo Multi-Layer Pencil Case Pen Bag Pouch$$$727.9" x 3.4" x 4.9"
Tran Deluxe Pencil CaseTran Deluxe Pencil Case$$$$$12014.5" x 3" x 8.5"

There is a pretty diverse array of pencil holders, ranging from colored pencils binder cases to colored pencil bags and even colored pencil wrap holders.  Many of these find creative ways to minimize how much space your pencils take up while still protecting them and keeping some sort of organization.  But there are certain things you need to look out for when shopping for the best colored pencil case.

So what types of things should you be looking for when shopping around for a colored pencil case?


You want to make sure that your holder is large enough to hold whatever sized set of colored pencils that you have.  The worst thing is having to pick which pencils to take and which to leave because you always end up needing one of the colors you left at home!  There is a huge range of capacity sizes available.  

You can buy small micro-cases that are only intended to hold a dozen or so pencils and on the other end of the spectrum, you can purchase huge cases intended to protect several sets at once!


Colored pencil holders find unique ways to minimize how much space they take up, but it is still important to make sure that you will have adequate carrying room in your purse or backpack.  If you are severely restricted in size, going with a colored pencil wrap case will likely be your best bet.  

There will be a roughly direct relationship between capacity and size.  Colored pencil holders that can hold more pencils will typically be larger, but there is still plenty of variabilities.  As we will show, there are unique ways to carry pencils that can significantly reduce the volume that they take up, which can make them much more convenient.


colored pencil holderMany of the higher-end colored pencil lines come in lovely and well-protected cases.  Unfortunately, cases can be large and heavy.  While most mobile-friendly cases will be much smaller and lighter many give up some of the protective features that the hard cases have.  For instance, many will be made of thin plastic or fabric vs wood or metal, so accidentally dropping the case or stepping on it can have much more detrimental effects.  

Figure out what type of environment you will be in when using and transporting your colored pencils and let that decide what type of style to go with.  If you will be in an area that is prone to impacts or extreme conditions then you might have to give up some of the space-saving qualities of one of the more mobile cases and go with something that has a bit more protection via thicker walls or extra padding.


Another benefit of a normal case is that it is much easier to categorize and sort colored pencils based on color.  The best colored pencil organizers make finding the color we want much easier.  We have noticed that some pencil holders use a much more reckless approach and simply have you jam the colored pencils inside all at once.  This can make finding a particular color much more difficult.  

You might end up simply dumping out the contents on the table to avoid having to try to sort through all of your pencils while they remain in their holder.  If you are someone who likes to have your colored pencils well-sorted then be sure to shop for a case that has individual storage grooves.

Ease of Access

colored pencil holder

Another price you pay for mobility is potentially making it a little more burdensome to access all of your pencils from the case.  In a conventional hard case, many have hinges where you simply open up the top and have full access to all of the pencils at once. 

However, in mobile cases the solution used often involves multiple “sheets” of colored pencils in a binder or have them wrapped up, only being accessible by various pockets on the top.  This can make it a little more inconvenient to get to all of the colors at once, so if this is an issue for you then perhaps avoid this type of case design.


Colored pencil cases have a pretty diverse range of colors and stylings, which can set them apart from the case that they came in.  These range from fun and vibrant patterns intended for kids to very professional-looking designs made of leather and quality metals that resemble more of a briefcase than something that is holding art supplies. 

For some, the case is nothing more than means for easily transporting their pencils but for those looking to have a more unique or professional appeal then you might consider going this route.


The common metric that we consider in almost everything: price.  Like most products, there is a large range of prices that you can pay (although almost all offerings are still relatively cheap).  If budget is your top priority then you might want to skip over some of the features that the higher-end cases have and stick to the basics.

With that being said, what are the best colored pencil holders?  We list a few of our favorites and why we like them.  Feel free to check out some of our recommendations below and check out their prices if you are interested in trying one out!

WooCrafts Canvas Pencil Wrap

woocrafts canvasMost Popular

This is one of the most popular cases, and for good reason.  It holds up to 72 pencils (and can also be used for other art mediums such as markers, pens, etc.).  It consists of two flaps where you slid the pencils into place.  When closed, these flaps fold over and held shut by a strap.  This results in a relatively small case that should be much easier to store.  It is a very attractive case that gives off the impression of being professional.


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CreooGo Canvas Pencil Wrap

creoogo canvasMost Portable

For those looking to really minimize how much space their pencils take up, this Canvas Pencil Wrap does a great job.  It holds up to 72 pencils and when wrapped up is only about 8 inches tall and wide.  It is accomplished by literally wrapping up similar to a fruit roll up.  It is held in place by an attached strand of yarn-like material.  There are a ton of great and vibrant patterns available, which means that just about everyone should find a style that they enjoy.  Keep in mind, however, that this product won’t offer the same level of protection as many other cases so be careful while transporting it.


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Miraclekoo Multi-Layer Pencil Case Pen Bag Pouch

miraclekoo pencil bagMost Unique

This is another unique design in that the pencils are stored in multiple layers, like pages in a book, and can store up to 72 pencils.  In fact, many people might mistake it for a book when it is closed!  The result is a very compact design that is easy to store.  If you do decide to carry it by hand, it also comes with a convenient overhead carrying handle.  Keep in mind that you’ll have to flip pages to access all of the pencils so for those of you who like easy access to all colors at once this might not be a good option for you.  There are a few various patterns and colors to choose from as well.


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Tran Deluxe Pencil Case

tran deluxe pencil caseLargest Capacity

For those that are using a larger set such as the 120 piece Polychromos, you will have to go with a larger solution.  The Tran Deluxe fits the bill, storing up at an impressive 120 colored pencils.  Similar to the Miraclekoo, this is accomplished by using layered pages, which helps to minimize how much space it takes up.  This product also comes in a hard, waterproof shell that provides much better protection than most other portable cases on the market.  We wish there were a few more color selections, though.


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For those of you searching for a  colored pencil holder we hope that this article will help assist you and shine some light on what to look for and what to avoid.  Once you follow our list of features to look for and have an idea of your specific application, we hope you will check out one of the products listed above or at least have a good foundation for doing your own search!

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