Prang Colored Pencils

12-50 count pack

Wax core

Round barrel



Decently Varied Color Variations

Pretty Good Vibrancy

Great Price


Lead is Overly Hard

Blending can be Difficult


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Prang Colored Pencils Review

This budget line of colored pencils overall fairs quite well in most regards, especially for their ridiculously cheap price.  They produce decently vibrant colors and this can be intensified with some extra pressure and, with the thick 3.3mm hard wax core, will be able to hold up to that extra pressure.  However, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and the extra hard core can be prone to breakage during sharpening.  The blending is not quite there on these, but they are overall still a great pencil for someone starting out or even honing on their color and shading skills to give a go.  These have a round shape and are available in quantities from 12 to 50.

Visual appeal – 3/5

Overall the color palette is on-point and is well representative of the color wheel, especially in the larger sets.  The vibrancy is acceptable for the price and can be altered some depending on the method of application.  Blending is very difficult with these, so you are better off anticipating this issue beforehand and not hoping to create the desired color that you don’t have a physical pencil of, to begin with.  In other words, if you want a complex piece with tons of colors then plan on using some other sets.

Usability and durability – 3/5

For being a budget offering these are durable with their hard inner core, but there are complaints that it might actually be “too” hard to the point where sharpening can be difficult and there have been some complaints that the points simply break apart because of being too brittle.  These hard points can also leave lines on the paper when pushed down hard so that is something that needs to be considered while using these.  There is also somewhat of a grainy feel during application.

Packaging and presentation – 3/5

These come in a standard cardboard box which, for the price, isn’t all that bad.  The pencils themselves have a color-coordinated round outside with gold Prang lettering around the center area.  Overall not a bad looking design but it doesn’t blow us away, either.

Cost – 4/5

Depending on the set purchased, these are some of the cheapest pencils you can get on the market.  They can potentially be found low in the budget range, and for that price, they are an excellent deal.  While no particular area of them really stands out as being exceptional or even overly great, there are no major issues other than the fact that the wax can be a bit too hard at times and the color isn’t super intense.  But for this cost, those issues can be overlooked.

Overall Review – 3.5/5

A good starter set at a great price, these are definitely recommended for the casual artist or the student starting out.  They are durable enough to last through some wear and tear (which is helpful in classroom settings or around kids) and will fulfill most needs, especially with the larger sets that provide a better array of colors.  But for those after more advanced blending ability, you will probably have to look elsewhere.

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