Derwent Watercolor Colored Pencils

1-72 count pack

Wax core

Hexagonal barrel



Good Color Selection

Works Easily with Water

Smooth, Buttery Application


 Not very intense

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Derwent Watercolor Pencils Review

Derwent’s primary offering and one of their best sellers are their Watercolour Pencils.  These pencils are great for mixing and their soft texture allows them to be blended easily.  These can be purchased from singles all the way up to 72 packs which allow for quite a bit of color flexibility.  The soft wax core is 3.4mm diameter and is encased in a hexagonal 6.9mm barrel.

Visual Appeal – 3.5/5

The tones with these pencils are quite consistent, and the color levels can be adjusted relatively easily with water control.  However, these do lack some in terms of vibrancy, even when applied heavily.  Some very unique color flows can be created when mixing various colors which make exploring just about any color possible, even in the 48 count set.  In the smaller sets there aren’t a lot of “light” colors but obviously, this can be adjusted with the use of water.

Usability and Durability – 3.5/5

These can easily be manipulated with the simple addition of water, so “mistakes” can be corrected relatively easy.  However, they do tend to dry quite quickly so a constant application of both water and new color may be necessary.  The core is very soft and color output is smooth and buttery.  The soft core also helps to alleviate breakage and there are minimal complaints with having difficulty sharpening.  The hexagonal core can also assist in gripping so there is a good user control.

Packaging and Presentation – 4/5

You can actually get these in a wooden box or a tin box for the 24 pack and above that in the wooden box.  Both do a great job of organizing, transporting, and protecting the pencils.  The pencils themselves have a blue exterior and have the color accents on the base of the pencil as most Derwents tend to have.  The color and pencil type is also printed on the outside.

Cost – 3.5/5

Prices are in the mid range, which means that you can be introduced to a set of good watercolor pencils for a decent price.  These pencils blend quite well so you could fulfill many of your color requirements with a smaller set in the interest of saving some money.

Overall Ranking – 3.5/5

These are a good, wax-based example of watercolor pencils.  They really check every mark in terms of usability, visuals, and cost.  The only complaints are that they could be a bit more intense so if you are really wanting to get the color to shoot off the page in some of your works you might look into investing in a more vibrant line for those applications and the fact that they do seem to dry quicker than most over watercolor pencil sets.  However, for the price they are acceptable.

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