“Creative Mind” Scholarship

Best Colored Pencils is driven to provide the largest and most informative colored pencil reviews because of our love for colored pencils, and of course, the arts. Our passion towards creativity continually inspires us to support aspiring artists and creative young minds. So we make sure that every year, we get to extend a helping hand to one creative student through our recurring Creative Mind Scholarship.

This year, we are again scouting the entire world to find that one student to reward with a scholarship grant of $1,500. If you wish to apply, make sure you are:

  • An enrolled student (attach your proof of enrollment in the application)
  • An aspiring artist who has created a unique piece

Qualifying requirements:

  1. An original artwork that you have created. Take one photo of you doing/holding the artwork and then another photo that features your favorite detail of the artwork.

*artwork may be a painting, doodle, calligraphy, sculpture, etc. 

  1. An essay explaining the inspiration behind the artwork, the creative process and why you chose your “favorite detail” that you chose to take a photo of.
  2. Enrollment/Admission Slip
  3. Personal Information (Name, Address, contact number)

Send all these requirements to [email protected] with the subject: “Creative Mind Scholarship”.

Deadline for applications is on November 1, 2018. We will not accept any late submissions, as we will announce the winner after a day of evaluation.

Congratulations to James K. from Wisconsin on winning the Fall 2018 scholarship!

Other details:

  1. All photos must be in .jpg file and the essay & personal info in .docx file.
  2. Photos and essays submitted to us may be published on our website. It is understood that you give us permission to do so when you send us the documents.
  3. We do not accept any registration/qualifying fees.
  4. We do not allow previous winners to join again.
  5. The scholarship money will be sent as a check.
  6. Your personal info will not be shared with anyone.


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